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Escucha una nueva canción de Sleepwave (ex Underoath); ‘Through The Looking Glass’

Vía AltPress el duo Sleepwave, liderado por Spencer Chameberlain ex vocalista de Undeorath, lanzó una nueva canción titulada ‘Through The Looking Glass’. Este es el segundo track que nos presenta este nuevo proyecto de Spencer, el cual lanzará su altamente esperado disco debut, Broken Compass, el próximo 16 de septiembre a través del sello Epitaph Records.

Anteriormente pudimos escuchar la canción ‘Rock And Roll Is Dead And So Am I’, si aun no la revisas puedes hacerlo en el siguiente enlace.

Flat on my back you watch me dry out my lungs
Remembering the days when I collected the sun
Isn’t this all just a part of the process
Isn’t this all just a part of it

Watch me fall underneath what you believe
I couldn’t save you from killing me

Untie my hands so I can drink from your cup
I’m outta demands if I could just stand up
Isn’t this all just a part of my process
Isn’t this all just a part of it

You’re killing me

Stared you in the eyes through the shadow of death
I prayed with all the sinners and I’ve felt no regrets
Swimming in water
Swallowing all the words

I cannot sink here anymore
I have to head straight for the shore
I will believe

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